My first of a few videos on Perspective or Perception, where I talk about how I define it in a general sense in my book: The Introduction Of Self

Our perception is all we have. It is everything to us- our thoughts, ideas, beliefs, knowledge, hopes, fears, feelings, emotions, assumptions, and choices- understanding ‘and being honest’ about it can lead to broadening that perception and therefore improving your humanity.




I want you first to take a look at this picture.

Who are these people? What do we know about them? But more importantly, what do we not recognize and care about, and what is it about us that prevents that?

Which people in the picture do you recognize? ‘The three in bottom and top right corners most likely.’ Do you have a preference towards some people over others? Do you have a more negative view of some over others? If so, what are your opinions of them, and the ones you don’t know?

When you looked at that picture, you should have seen eight humans, whether you recognized the faces or not. The eight humans in this picture have a couple obvious things in common if you know a little about them.

They are all Caucasian, like ahugger here, and they are all Billionaires with a Big B (unlike ahugger here BTW). Only one of them is quite young, and only one of them is female. It doesn’t mean there aren’t young, non-white, female Billionaires running around; it’s just to classify the humans in the image.

So does that change your perception of them? Do you know any more about them, whether they are Billionaires or not? What if I told you that the one many people have the most negative opinion of, is worth FAR less than the others? What if the person we ‘believe’ we know so much about, because we see him on TV most often, is the least relative to our thoughts on and the real effects of extreme wealth? The person I’m talking about is Donald Trump (upper right). Many people have an opinion of him because of his wealth, appearance, political involvement, and demeanor. But other than saying there are eight white Billionaire humans here, you can’t say much else until you look at the reality of their effects; and humanity of course.

What if I told you that the three people left of Trump own Walmart and about 100 billion dollars or $100,000,000,000? How do you feel about Walmart and their practices? Would you rather the owners paid their employees a more liveable wage, instead of $8 an hour or so, or would you rather just go to Walmart and buy The Apprentice on DVD?

What if I told you that the two men on the bottom middle, between Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates are extremely controversial figures (humans)? They are the Koch brothers, who own Koch Industries, which I believe has many facets including refining oil and other resources. They too own around 100 billion dollars. The controversy around them involves politics, because they give such large amounts to political candidates (more than anyone else I believe) and they want to give much more (which they’ll be able to do with recent events in government allowing it).

What about Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg; good guys, bad guys, who knows, who cares? Is the simple fact that one human possesses such incredibly large amounts of a powerful, and limited resource, while other humans struggle for it unethical? To what point? I want you to think about you- like always- I want you to realize your own prejudice and that you assume things instead of objectively looking at reality. There’s a lot of reality we ignore as humans when it comes to economy, other people, celebrity, politics, and everything else outside. Whether you have a positive prejudice about these people or not doesn’t matter- because it’s a prejudice.

They are humans with A LOT of money. Deal with what that means in our world- what the effects are on economy, people, and you- what choices would you choose to make that you aren’t because of your limited view or lack of willpower? Shop at Target? Install and learn to use Linux? Get political? Who knows what they may be, but you surely won’t get anywhere by assuming your assumptions are enough.




It’s a new year people! ‘Sure, that doesn’t really matter in terms of what we could accomplish.’ But it can seem like it.

Whether or not we have the will to actually change is always up to our perspective. We have to desire change more than what seems safe (what we’re used to). It’s already half way through January and I for one have not accomplished a ton, but I stayed almost entirely away from my vices, and I’m really sensing big change being possible. Whether I fail or not is secondary to if I try.

So, here’s a little poem I wrote that hopefully reminds you that all the crap outside and this idea that it’s all important is actually completely wrong. We determine value and we can value something new more than the same old existence.


I watch it all happen
I view life through a window
I know where it all comes from
I see reactions in motion
I understand the past
I understand me
I do
not them
Not the others
Not the ones outside
Not the ones who pretend
Not then or now and it’s okay
But it isn’t okay for me
It’s not okay to assume
I’ll no longer buy in
At least    I will try
And that   is a start
cause      I have
done       wrong
But         now
I am        me


There’s a light on

at the side of the bed

It tells me to come near


There’s a voice

in my head

It tells me read the signs


But there are too many

or not enough

So I Struggle to keep hope

on this windy street

It could be the way

Or I’m already lost


I may not make it to that light

if my dream is the guide

I may have to turn around

if the danger is too high

As I look for answers

in an empty sky






I don’t have much time, but I’ve been neglecting the blog… again, so I wanted to get a post in. I have a lot of poetry, and most of it is about our mentality/humanity, so I’ll throw some of that down at least when I don’t have much time to really add much.


This poem in particular is about that conflict within us that I write about. The one we rarely, if ever see, but goes on throughout our entire lives. It is the conflict of consciousness. ‘Do we take the seemingly easiest path, or do we challenge what’s there?’. This is what life is all about, and we can’t grow as humans by continuing to just do what ‘feels’ easier. We have to look, question, analyze, and ultimately choose. Or in the metaphor of this poem, we have to read the signs, instead of lie down and assume it’s all okay. We have to pursue our dreams instead of giving up because it seems scary.


Being human is confusing at its core. It’s not just some simple existence that flows freely, without conflict, but that is usually what we assume.

There is always a fight to be had. And ignoring it is the only way to ensure a predictable and less valuable existence.


Lee Bibster- Attorney For Hire



Hey fellow humans,

First off let me give my apologies for being away… well I was actually in the same places for the most part… but I’ve been away from this blog. Now that I’m here again, I’m happy to write that HUG got an award! ‘I know, how prestigious huh?’ It was given by, ALL BUT HOMELESS, which is a personal blog here on wordpress.

Okay, now the hard part, for me. I’m supposed to answer 10 questions, which I will, and is no problem. But then I’m supposed to find 10 blogs and nominate them for a Liebster, as well as ask them 10 questions… Okay, one step at a time…

Here are the questions ALL BUT HOMELESS asked of me and the others:

1 – What is your pet peeve?

ROFL! I have a cat named Peeve- she is my pet peeve- in more ways than one.

2 – Who is your favorite author ?

It’s odd for someone who has written some books, but I have a hard time reading, so don’t do it much. I get bored very easily, and reading just isn’t something I’m used to, so it takes some very captivating text to get me hooked.  Let’s put it this way, I’d much rather read about Tom Sawyer than Harry Potter. I like dealing with reality, whether it’s in a book, movie, on TV, or… in reality. So I’m very critical of stories that venture away from the truth, science, common sense, and our humanity. The truth is always good for us.

3 – Favorite place on Earth, having been there?

It’s going to sound silly. But because I haven’t been to many places on Earth, and I loved it here, I’ll go with Alcatraz. I’ve never been to another place that seemed so different than what I was used to. I was in a bad mood when I went, because the boat company that sends you out there was shady, and I was grumpy anyway. I totally thought I’d hate it. I… we (My ex-wife, ex-stepson)… finally got on the boat, and there were some dolphins playing in the water, which was awesome, but it wasn’t super special to me, because I still felt like a regular part of regular society being on a big boat with lots of people.

But then we got there, and it seemed so unique and new on this island- no houses, no power-lines, no roads, no buildings (like we know), no people (other than the ones who go there for this)- it was a completely new experience. It wasn’t like going to Catalina Island, where the traces of the world we’re used to follow you there. It was like being taken out of the world you’ve known your entire life, and finally getting to see something else. That new perspective is HUGE for us. And I know most people might not get a new perspective from Alcatraz, but it gave me one, and I think about it til this day.

Also, there’s this whole history of the island explained, which isn’t something American media and government obviously aren’t keen on telling us. The island was occupied by Native Americans before it became ‘our’ prison. They protested to try and keep the land, but we couldn’t even let them have that tiny island, so we took it without concern for morality… pretty ironic and sad when you’re in charge of controlling other humans lives (prison).

4 – What is your favorite past time?

Video games are my go-to past-time, but my favorite is meeting people and really sharing our humanity/connecting with honesty and fairness.

5 – In your mind, What is your greatest accomplishment in life?

Actually improving my own humanity is BY FAR my greatest accomplishment every time I’m able to. It took me 30 years of life before I started actually confronting my own mentality in a present and practical sense (changed). I am human. I have fears, desires, thoughts, feelings, and emotions that lead to my actions. That interior and in turn exterior simply cannot change without my direct involvement (willpower, determination, choice).

It takes more effort and difficulty to actually change our humanity than anything else, so yeah, the fact that I’ve made even small changes and realize there’s a lifetime to go means a lot to me (and everything else).

6 – Concerning your Life … Rewind, Play or Fast-forward?

Play- at least that’s what I want it to be more often than not. We all live in fast-forward for the most part- we soak up our exterior influences and run with it- school, work, taxes, money, love, cars, gas, homes, sex, family, etc. Before you know it, a life has been shooting by that you didn’t choose. I live this life for the most part as well. But I want to be in more control (we all do)- but it’s tough- it’s tough to move away from everything you know. We are comfortable being what we are used to, but we only get better when we’re strong enough to live in the present and choose our own course.

7- Are you comfortable in your own skin?

Very much so,  but I still get anxious out of the fear that others are not comfortable with my skin and the brain underneath. It took me a LONG time to start practically connecting to the fact that my assumptions of their assumptions aren’t fair, and don’t benefit me in any way, and since I am who really matters most to me I’d better stop hurting my self.

8 – Indoors or Out?

Out more and more, and hopefully someday, almost always out except to sleep and eat maybe.

9 – React or Respond?

RESPOND, in theory at least. The idea is to respond, to make my own determinations instead of continuing to let my subconscious just react impulsively, but it’s easier said than done- INSANELY EASIER!

10 – Who was the one person in life, who has inspired you the most and why?( This can be a teacher, family member , friend or celebrity )

I am. But, next to me, my mom for sure. She is the one that gave me a chance to see that most important person in my life (me). She didn’t pressure me. She didn’t punish me. She didn’t force me to be, do, or believe anything. So since I was a child, I got to develop my own perspective of the world and my self- that is priceless.


(I’ll try and finish this with the blogs I’ll nominate and their questions soon. Thanks ALL BUT HOMELESS.)


“I once asked myself why all these people do it- why they get up each day and live their happy little predictable lives without ever even seeing the most obvious and important truth- that they are the ones in control and that matter.

Then, well over a decade later, I asked my self the same question- why do I live life so automatically and externally- without ever seeing my humanity behind everything I do and everything I am and can be. Why do I see and live for everything on the outside, but not the one thing that can improve my existence; the inside?

Well of course I’m the reason. Of course I always have been. But only by seeing that I’m there can something different happen next time.”

Hugh Mann

“I once asked m…